43 participants from 21 Partner organizations are coming from 9 countries!!!

It is going to be an exciting intercultural meeting! and 5 days of a very creative work for all of the participants.

Project „Preparing for the journey. Going to the deep took place in Kraków, Poland. The project was carried out as a five day Partnership – Building Activity for organisations involved in youth work. Our participants came from: Belgium, Spain, Latvia,Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Great Britain and Poland. In the group of 34 youth workers we were thinking and planing
a new projects for the coming years within the framework of Youth in Action Programme. The objective of the meeting was to get to know each another, establish good relations and prepare new actions. Organisations who took part in it got lots of opportunity to learn from those experienced in the Youth in Action Programme. All presented projects was for us an inspiration and encouragement to further co-operation and the meeting with mass media experts allowed the results of our actions to be made known better and used more effectively. In the project we arranged meeting with the the leaders, who are responsible for serving young people and building good partnerships, great encouragement. Discussion about international co-operation on a number of levels and in various activities enhanced the quality of our projects. Our goal was to show the tools and opportunities for actions of young people within our youth groups and to develop new leaders with dreams, visions and passion to act. At the same time we learned how to look to the future with hope, how to act with vision, purpose and plan ahead. By faith we want to go out of the safe boat and start walking on water. It’s an expression which mean we are able to do much more than we thinking we are. During a ‘brainstorm’, discussion, workshops, and prepare courageous joint actions for the youth of our groups and organisations we became more passionate about our future. The outcome of the meeting was further projects plans such as voluntary projects, expression of interests or youth exchanges, more relationships and hearts full of hope and encouragement.

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