EU PROJECTS 2007 – 2010


Eyes Wide Open – Tolerate & be Tolerated –  ( Cracow 2007 )

The project “Eyes Wide Open – tolerate and be tolerated” was being carried out during the peirod of 10 days since June, 31st through August, 9th in Cracov with the participation of the youth from Poland and Northern Ireland. 53 participants of both counries received overall approx. 17000 Euro for the realization of the project. The main goal of our project was to stimulate ourselves and local society to be more sensitive to the problem of intolerance. Our project was crossdenominational, there was people from different churches involed in it. During the project we got to know another culture and different ways of thinking. We shown the value of each human being, promoted respect and love to ourselfs and others, tolerance for different religions and opinions. As a result of workshops, disscusions, group works, speaches and other creative activities we managed to talk over issues of intolerance. We proved that realising own passions can be good alternative to adictions such as drugs and alcohol. In our activities we created posters, banners, questionaries, reports, video clips, folders. etc.


Being Human – My Life is My Passion:

The Project ‘Being Human, My life is my passion’ was going to be carried out as a 10 day multilateral youth exchange in Gdansk and Zielona Gora by four youth groups from Portugal, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Poland. 52 participants of four European countries received 24706,81 Euro for the realization of the project from European Commission Our goal was to discover and show the beauty and the meaning of life, as well as the ability of creative thinking which dwells in each of us. We wanted to encourage and increase the knowledge of how to make good use of what is already deposited in all humans. Our life is too short to waste it. That is why we want to live life to the full and experience wonderful things. In an intercultural and interdenominational group of 60 were able to present that we have the ability to make choices and fulfill our passions regardless of our religious, social or cultural differences and to show that they do not have to divide us but can rather help us broaden our minds and live in diversity. Because we have it, we want to give our passion away and we want to make people who live hopeless and aimless life aware of how beautiful life can be. We also wanted to show how they can find fulfillment through creative work. The theme part of ‘Being Human’ gave an opportunity to discuss the influence of tolerance and intolerance on our way of thinking. It also helped us discover the role tolerance carries in the process of European integration and risks to it, should there be a lack of it. Through our workshops, lectures and discussions, experience in culture and history we showed that there were no religious, social or cultural barriers when working together, and together we were able to do much more than alone.

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