The programme will be adjusted to the needs of participants. It will include the following:

– A meeting of the  EVS accredidated Christian organizations: to share experiences,  & to make a list of volunteers needed (profiles) in each organization both for sending and hosting projects & to learn from each other how to prepare good projects

– icebreaking actions connected with information sharing

– discussion on the aims and expectations

– presentation of the organisation and its most important actions

– workshops with some experts in the field of mass media

– information about the  “Erasmus +”  programme and its particular actions helpfull for our youth groups in the churches

– discussion on the opportunities and challenges of the EVS for the organisations which have some experience in it

– open afternoon time – this is the time to meet some future volunteers, who will be invited to this session from our youth groups.

– open space…

– International/ Intercultural Night – presentation of cultures and customs.

– TRIP(s)…..

– “Vision 2020” for our groups and a discussion on the possibilities of carrying it out together.

– working in workshop groups on preparation of various future projects.

– international project closing banquet








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