Step # 2 – Youth Exchange 2020

Step # 2   –   Youth Exchange 2020


Youth Exchange – Summer 2020 (June/July)

Participants: 8-10 from each ‘youth group’;  age – 15-20
place: __________________?___________________(to discuss)
Paticipant Cost – 50 Euro /The travel will be covered/
Suggested time – 9 days /travel excepted/ 

The topic and detailed activities will agree in the first step on the conference of leaders.
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The purpose of the youth exchange is to show young people the beauty and the meaning of life with Christ.  That we have the possibility to make choices and realize our passions, we can love and be loved.

HOW ? – Sports, intercultural, learning from each other, and the experience of Jesus in the Word. We want to accomplish it by getting to know each other, our abilities. Also, by the means of joint workshop, singing and worshiping together, games and sport activities, discussions and seminars. Participation of youth groups from different cultures will enable us, on one hand, to learn different viewpoints and on the other, to enjoy our diversity.

///////exemplary program////// 

The first two days are devoted to integrating the group. Crowd brakers, ice brakers, sports mainly to help the participants to open to the other groups. Each group will get their time to introduce themselves and present their background.

Day 2,3,4,5, : The participants are divided into the Theme Workshops
The experts to lead the workshops will be introduced by the country groups or there will be professionals

Day 6: whole day trip

mornings/evenings:  Each country group will have their national evening. Each country will get one evening program to present their culture (food, clothes, games, history, famous people etc.).

Day 3, day 8: In the afternoon there will be short trips

Day 7: The Show time! In the afternoon the drama will be presented in the local church (?) as an evangelistic time.

Day 8: Evaluation day. Summing up of the exchange. Visit at the swimming pool. In the evening there will be *Special Night* Celebrities Night-Red carpet Show.

The morning program is the part of the day after the breakfast. It lasts 20-25 minutes. It purpose is to energize the participants, (including: icebrakers, games, skits and the TV NEWS (a short news prepared by the film group). In the morning there will be introduction for  the theme of the day (the topic that will be discussed in the evening programs).

The evening program is a time after the dinner. It lasts about 90 minutes. It contains: pictures from the whole day, TV NEWS, crowdbrakers, the worship time, the lecture and the discussion groups.


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