Step # 3 Evaluation and Future

STEP #3 

Evaluation meeting –  September 2020

September 2020 – for leaders – place: Warsaw/ or your country it’s possible (to discuss)
Participants: 2-4 people from each country.
COST = 0 Euro (The travel will be covered)
Suggested time – 3 days /travel excepted/

It will be implemented as a 3-day evaluation meeting.  In the group of about 30 people, both leaders and young people, we want to summarize the work of our groups and completed project. It will be the place to prepare new projects for the coming years within the framework of the Erasmus+Youth Programme.

We will evaluate the project in terms of objectives, action plan, program and project outcomes. During the evaluation we will show what impact  the youth exchange had for us.  The project will allow us building good partnerships, and will also let us discuss international cooperation on a number of levels and in various activities, which will enhance the quality of our projects.

Our goal is to show the tools and opportunities for actions of young people within our youth groups and to develop new leaders who have dreams, visions and passion to act.

At the same time we want to learn to look to the future, to act with vision, purpose and plan ahead. By faith we want to go out of the safe boat and start walking on water during a ‘brainstorm’, discussion, workshops, and preparation of brave joint actions of our groups. The outcome of the meeting will be further projects plans such as voluntary projects, youth exchange or international initiatives.



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